Customer Portal

Customer Portal provide our clients the opportunities to learn from things which went well and which don’t.

Each leafleting campaign provides us the opportunity to learn and improve. How the campaign performed? What went well? What need improving? Answers to all these questions are vital to understand and considered when planning your new campaigns.


Adcust has developed a unique learning platform which enables business to look in historical campaigns carried out, analyse and strategize their future campaigns. Any feedback, observations, complaints are recorded which ensures lessons are never forgotten. As we build up long term relationship with your business, this data will serve a learning engine boosting your ROI and your business growth.

Value added

  • Create absolute transparency

  • Capture improvement Opportunities

  • Strategize future campaign for improved ROI

  • Centralised information

  • Place new order

Following are the key stages which form over all portal solution.

  • Capture
    Data collected as part of your leaflet campaign like GPS report, Campaign details, post codes covered and feedback. Alerts and actionable items created during or after the campaign is part of capture stage.
  • Evaluate
    Data collected is evaluated to highlight any potential issues during campaign and your concerns. Also, any positive scenarios are captures which can be potential be repeated in future campaigns.
  • Strategy
    Client is suggested about the analysis performed in the Evaluate stage. This analysis forms the future strategy which can benefit the client and bring better ROI
  • Implement
    It’s time to act based on the strategy formed.
  • Assess
    Whole implementation is assessing against the strategy formed. This ensure the clients that any improvement steps have been implemented, potentially leading to business benefits.

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