Digital Marketing

A different Kind of Business needs, A different Kind of Marketing

Digital Marketing has undoubtedly changed the way modern business operates. To embrace your business with new digital age –need to change the classic marketing mix into competitive marketing mix. At Adcust, we provide customized solution for all starts –ups or small to medium sized business. We can meet your objectives on a project or retained basis. Checkout our onboarding process to get you started with Digital Marketing.

Social Media

Social Media is an excellent way to advertise your business online, boost your website visitors and search rankings It is no longer a question of why businesses should adopt social media marketing as a core part of every digital marketing campaign. It is now an absolute ‘must’ to not get left behind!

Why your business needs it?

  • Social media has the power to increase brand awareness
  • Engage directly with your customers
  • Drive traffic from world wide
  • Improve your sales conversions.

What we do?

At Adcust, we manage social media in natural and sustainable way from start to finish. Contact us today to discuss your options with our team.

  • Update posts, tweets and video
  • Generate more followers
  • Online Reputation / Reputation Management
  • Customer Service & Real Time Response
  • Brand Awareness
  • SEO | SMO

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisations(SEO) is the practise of increasing quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search results. In many respects it is quality control of your website.

Why your business needs SEO?

  • Get top ranking for your website in google/bing search result page
  • Top quality and user- friendly website
  • Better Conversion rates
  • Build brand awareness-locally or nationally

What we do?

At Adcust, we understand your business & marketing goals and then develop and implement an SEO strategy that works best for your business.

  • Keyword research backed with search trend analysis
  • Make sure your website is audited and keywords and links embedded. Don’t have website, explore our website development capabilities.
  • Upgrade and improve website links and content.
  • Link building.
  • Full monthly reports detailing successes and actions moving forward and analysis of results.

Link Building

Gaining links back to your website is still an essential factor in ranking well in the organic search listings in Google. The higher the domain and page authority of the sites that link back to you, the more value they provide. We focus your link-building strategy on organically acquiring the highest authority links to improve your search rankings.

Why seo needs Link Building?

  • Higher Domain & Page Authority
  • Increase in referral traffic
  • Improves brand visibility
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Trust and credibility indicators

Pay Per Click - Social Media campaigns

PPC advertising, through Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn can be a particularly useful tool for start-ups. A business can create their marketing plan by looking at estimated search traffic for a niche in a certain geographical area and estimated average cost-per- click.

Contact us for free consultation and explore how PPC can benefit your business. We understand that the budget is not always available, so let us analyse your business, the market and the potential of PPC and give you an open and honest appraisal about the potential for PPC advertising to make you money.

Why your business needs PPC?

  • Increase online conversions and ROI
  • Boost your social presence
  • Improve engagement level
  • Advanced targeting of Audience

What we do?

  • Search engine marketing-PPC, CPI, search analytics (Google Adwords)
  • Display Advertising-Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Paid social Advertising
  • Advertising campaign analytics.

Social Media Audience analytics

A meaningful statistics will improve your social media performance. Using social media analytics tools we provide insight into customer behaviour like.

  • How have my followers grown this month?
  • Which posts seem to perform best?
  • Which times make the most sense to post?
  • What is the demographics of my visitors?

Getting you started

Getting started with Adcust is super easy ! Our experience team will capture your business requirements and propose more effective and cost-effective options. Digital marketing experts will get the work started with setting up the framework and execute the agreed campaign. Results are analysed using Digital Analytical tools which helps to re-strategize, improve future campaigns.


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