GPS Tracking

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Each Leafleting campaign is mutually planned to make sure we target right household areas, right day & time and frequency. To ensure your campaign is successfully carried out as per agreement, each campaign is digitally tracked through our GPS enabled system which gives pictorial view of street & path covered & start and end timestamp at which leaflet was dropped.

Our distributer carries a GPS tracking device when they are distributing leaflets. This device uses satellites to record their position every second and stores all this information on the device.

You can access GPS report by email, logging in our uniquely designed customer portal, or mobile app. This report will form a part of customer portal which will help us to continually improve our services and will ensure that we are delivering the best possible service to our clients.  It also adds an additional level of transparency to clients thereby helping us to stand out from the ‘crowd’ in the professional leaflet distribution industry.

Value added

  • Service Assurance

  • Easy access to report

  • Builds trust

  • No extra cost to you

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