Technology Assisted Leaflet Distribution Service – Digital Way 

Technology has empowered the world and organisations has innovated the new ways services are currently offered, so did Adcust. Our Digital Way platform enable our customers to get max return on their investments in their leafletting campaigns. Our technology team continuously explore the opportunities to add value to our services. Let’s explore what we have to offer your business.


Each Leafleting campaign is mutually planned to make sure we target right household areas, right day & time and frequency. Each campaign is digitally tracked through our GPS enabled system which gives pictorial view of street & path covered & timestamp at which leaflet was dropped. Our business and monitoring teams that campaign was carried out as per agreement.


Campaign doesn’t end when last leaflet is dropped, rather Adcust make sure GPS monitoring report is captured along with other important data related to your campaign. All this data is formatted into the actionable reporting format which is presented to business as part of final delivery. You can check all your data related to your leaflet distribution on the Adcust Customer Portal.

Customer Portal

Adcust has created the platform which enables business to look in historical campaigns carried out, analyse and strategize their future campaigns. Any feedback, observations, complaints are recorded which ensures lessons are never forgotten. As we build up long term relationship with your business, boosting your ROI and your business growth.

Business Communication

Success of your campaign also depends how well both businesses can communicate for requirements, status updates, adhoc requests. Our Business Communication team make sure we remain on top of these things and communicate with you though digital platform of your choice. It is a unique leaflet distribution system that gets you more responses, leads and business.


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